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CrossFit Phos West is the result of a Coach’s desire to spread the first class coaching and programming of it’s original location, CrossFit Phos. After being a member at Phos for over 3 years and coaching for half of that, Megan had the both the passion and the drive to take everything she had learned at Phos, and not branch off, but multiply it. Phos West is an extension of what has been cultivated through the nearly 10 years of CrossFit training and coaching by Phos’s original owner and head trainer Rachel Lynass. Our one hour, coach led, group classes, are capped at a reasonable attendance, with scaled options individualized to meet you at your level, and coaches to break movements down into understandable and manageable workouts, while driving you to set and achieve new goals that fit your lifestyle.

Our Coaches

Megan Randall

I’m a wife, mother to two teenagers, and Owner/Head Coach here at CrossFit Phos West. I found CrossFit back in 2012 and was hooked the minute I walked into my first Box. With an athletic background in volleyball and track, CrossFit filled the void of no longer playing competitive sports and enjoying the community aspect of being on a team. That, coupled with the passion for not only living a healthy lifestyle but teaching those around me how to do the same, made the transition into Coach, and eventual Gym Owner, a natural one that felt like home. Although I truly love being out on the Competition Floor myself, I believe being a Coach is my true calling. Whether it’s helping a member learn about proper nutrition, how to squat correctly or achieve their first pull-up, watching someone achieve a goal they didn’t think was possible…and most importantly starting to believe in themselves…is what drives and motivates me most.

Branden Fey

As a kid growing up you would never find me sitting still, I’d always have some type of ball in my hand. Throughout High School I played as many sports as I could and I fell in love with competing and team camaraderie and found my love for spending hours in the gym trying to better myself. I’ve never been the most talented at most sports I participated in but I lived by the motto that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Through hard work I was able to continue my athletic career playing collegiate football.

After college, I joined The South Dakota Air National Guard as a Firefighter (SDANG FD). Soon after I was hired on as a full time Firefighter with The SDANG FD. I began to take my fitness for granted and soon packed on some weight; like over 30 pounds of weight. I began to fail my Physical Fitness test which was wakeup call for me. I started training again on my own, curls for the girls! I gained my strength back but just wasn’t losing any weight. My workouts were the same every day and I knew I needed to change.

My CrossFit journey started in 2014 when I was invited to try out a workout in Coach D’s garage. I took my wife, Amanda, along for moral support. The WOD consisted of Box step ups, KB swings and a run. We both were hooked. I loved the fact that I didn’t know what I was getting myself into every single workout. The variance had me hooked and I started to see improvements rather quickly.

One of the best things I love about CrossFit is how family oriented we are here at CrossFit Phos West. There is no better feeling as a coach than to see athletes truly care for one another.  They want the best for everyone and I believe that is one reason why CrossFit is so successful. Another reason is all the kids our members have.  I love that they are a big part of our community. I believe their parents are setting them up for success by showing them how important it is to take care of your body. My wife, Amanda, and I do this as a family.  We enjoy being a healthy couple and are excited for our baby girl, Haven, to grow up with all of you.

I received my Level 1 Cert in early 2016 and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I get the same rush of adrenaline when hitting a Clean and Jerk PR as I do when one of my athletes hits a PR or finally gets their first pullup. I’m thankful to be a part of this family and I’m excited for what’s to come!

-Coach Fey

Jesse Ekeren

I grew up in Yankton, SD and went to college at SDSU to study Aviation. I am married to another Phos West member, Megan, and together have Mila, our daughter. I am employed Full Time with Avera as an Air Ambulance Pilot and I also work Part Time with The South Dakota Air National Guard. When I’m not flying, coaching, working out, or busy taking care of my daughter, you can find me hunting and fishing, especially in the fall.

I discovered CrossFit through my brother, along with my persistence to become a healthier version of myself. I’ve realized that, ultimately, CrossFit is the only fitness regimen in the world that encompasses all aspects of health, including nutrition, which most other systems seem to lack. My passion for coaching is simple… I love seeing people become healthier.

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