CrossFit Nutrition Basics You Should Know

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When it comes to competently practicing CrossFit, diet is just as essential as the workouts themselves. A good diet improves health and performance, strengthening your endurance and helping you tone in the process. Eating right is much more than consuming a nutritional meal, it’s about cultivating a lifestyle. You don’t need the latest and greatest food processors or expensive protein powders, a solid diet can be much more ordinary. For example, meal prep, regular vegetable intake, limited to no alcohol, and getting enough rest are all staples of a healthy diet. Once you find the choices that work for you, build them into your routine; eventually, they will become a habit.

Because CrossFit is fundamentally varied, it helps to have a solid and consistent nutritional schedule. While your body may not know what to expect during a class, it will definitely know if it’s not getting enough nutrition. To help ensure that you are reaching your full potential, here are some CrossFit nutrition basics you should know.

Find What Works For You

Finding the right diet is entirely dependent on your awareness. What kind of food gives you an extra burst of energy? Writing down the specifics of your meals will help you narrow down how particular foods make you feel, eventually giving you enough information to construct a diet suitable to your nutritional needs.

Fruits and Vegetables are a Must

Most people tend to neglect the importance of consuming enough fruits and vegetables. If you’re going to be putting yourself through something as rigorous as CrossFit, you’d better believe you’ll require more fruits and vegetables than you normally would. Start by including more green vegetables like kale, spinach, and broccoli in your recipes. Kale and spinach in particular are great in smoothies.

Decisions Slow You Down

As any experienced martial arts practitioner will tell you, if you’re thinking about it then you’re too late. The act of thinking means your intended action is already delayed. Instead of thinking and delaying, you must train your brain to be reflexive. There is a time and place for a decision, but it does not need to be made over and over and over. This philosophy is also applicable to CrossFit nutrition. Rather than pouring over every single little decision you have to make regarding food, try meal prepping or purchasing some to-go meals.

Meal Prepping and To-Go Meals

Meal prep doesn’t require cooking enough food for the entire week, though you could certainly do that if you wanted. Instead, making two dinners a couple nights per week is sufficient. For to-go meals, have a nutritious smoothie ready to go, or a salad that’s easy to throw together. The flexibility offered therein will help you stay nourished during life’s unexpected turbulences.

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