How Do I CrossFit?

CrossFit workouts are in a small class setting with a certified instructor. It is almost like personal training because each person’s workout is scaled to their ability and the coach helps push each individual to reach their fullest potential. When you walk into a CrossFit gym the workout is programmed for you. You never have to walk around the gym wondering what you are going to work on or get onto a cardio machine for, oh, 45 minutes. You will get an entire body workout, working on all 10 areas of fitness: cardio/endurance, stamina, strength, speed, power, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy in one class!

Why is CrossFit so popular?

Crossfit is always interesting because the workouts are always different and it is always challenging. CrossFit is never boring. There is no specializing in Crossfit so you never know what to expect when you walk into the box. Even if the workout is an area you are good at, you never master anything at CrossFit because you can always increase the intensity or workload. Each ‘PR’ or Personal Record is achieved and surpassed as you continue to stick with CrossFit and you begin to set new goals and reach new PRs.

You don’t have time to CrossFit?

A CrossFit workout begins and finishes within an hour including the warm up and cool down. The warm up is about 15 minutes long, the class includes a strength portion, and the workout or WOD usually lasts between 6 minutes to 20 minutes long. How can you get a workout in 6minutes? Because of the intensity of CrossFit, athletes see results even by doing short workouts! There is always time for 1 hour of fitness to help you towards a healthier lifestyle.

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