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Meet John. John is 40 years old, married to his lovely wife Danae and the father of 3 beautiful little girls. John is also a full-time P. E. Teacher at Edison Middle School. John has been doing CrossFit since Aug 2016.

Why did you START CrossFit?

“I started Crossfit to increase my overall health and fitness and for the challenge to be a better version of myself.”

Why do you CONTINUE to do CrossFit?

“I continue for a variety of reasons ranging from the wonderful community of people that I have been fortunate to connect with, learning/mastering new movements, keeping my nutrition a priority and being a positive role model for my wife and children who also enjoy it.”

What is the biggest BENEFIT you have received from doing CrossFit?

“Balance. Finding balance can be a struggle in today’s busy world. CrossFit offers me a stress reliever, countless learning opportunities, social interaction, positive reinforcement from coaches and peers, and it helps me to keep focused on accomplishing goals no matter how big or small.”

What do you think is the biggest MISCONCEPTION about CrossFit?

“That it’s all about who is the best exerciser in the gym, world, etc. There are so many awesome real world experiences that have happened because of CrossFit. From adaptive athletes overcoming challenges, countless 100lb weight loss stories, pregnant mothers who CrossFit, overcoming depression, drug/alcohol abuse and overcoming various chronic diseases such as Type II diabetes.”

What would be the one reason you would encourage others to try CrossFit?

“It works. Whether someone is looking to improve their body image, fight off disease, weight loss, make social connections or to stay young. The benefits will make you a better version of yourself.”


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