What’s the proper footwear for CrossFit?

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When you step into a CrossFit box for the first time, there is a lot to take in. There are new faces, new movements, and new pieces of equipment and training accessories that you have to familiarize yourself with. As you look around the room one of the things that may stick out is the footwear that many of the box’s members are sporting.

What Shoes Do I Wear for CrossFit?

If you want avoid unnecessary aches and pains, it is important to dress accordingly for whatever activity you are planning to engage in. You wouldn’t run in heels, right? It’s illogical and can result in an array of injuries. This same logic applies when you begin a high-intensity workout routine. CrossFit workouts combine powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, running, jumping, rope-climbing, and sled-dragging. It is easy to see why many who are new to a CrossFit box can become overwhelmed when trying to decide on the proper footwear for CrossFit.

Basically, you need a shoe that does it all; a shoe that allows you to run, jump, and lift; a firm-soled shoe that allows you to run comfortably for short distances, move heavy weights, and perform a long list of movements with ease. A popular analogy people use is asking whether you have ever attempted to do a deadlift while standing on a mattress. It is difficult and does not offer up the support needed to perform the lift correctly. This is essentially what happens when you choose running shoes versus shoes that are designed for cross-training. A good, overall CrossFit shoe is a minimalist shoe with a “zero drop” sole like No Bull Trainers, Reebok’s popular CrossFit Nano, the lightweight Inov8 F-lite, or the Nike Metcon.


Do I Need Weightlifting Shoes Too?

If you have proper CrossFit shoes, weightlifting shoes are not necessary to experience all of the benefits that CrossFit has to offer. If you need new shoes for CrossFit, purchasing a style of shoe, like the shoes mentioned above, should be the priority. With that being said, serious CrossFitters can benefit from purchasing Olympic weightlifting shoes, especially if they are focused on training their Olympic lifts with greater intensity and frequency than someone who is simply CrossFitting for overall health and wellness. For Olympic lifts that are programmed into WODs, however, switching out footwear in the middle of a WOD can become a nuisance and it is recommended that you simply stick with your general CrossFit shoes for the duration of the WOD.

When it comes to which brands to choose from, every CrossFitter has a personal preference. Sizing can be tricky, so it is a good idea to head to a local Sioux Falls athletic shoe store to try a few styles on to see which meets your needs the best. Remember to look for a shoe with a low drop that is between 4mm and 6mm.

While choosing a shoe can feel complicated, choosing a gym doesn’t have to be. CrossFit PhosWest makes sticking with a routine easy by providing effective programming, friendly competition, and a fun community. Schedule your free drop-in experience today and get ready to experience the power of CrossFit PhosWest.

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