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Results happen when you commit to a community of hard-working people coached by high-quality trainers, and pushed by adaptable programming.

Welcome to CrossFit Phos West.

At CrossFit PhosWest we believe you get the best results through commitment, coaching, and community. Results come from a consistent, weekly program that includes both a cardio workout and varied high-intensity movements. A commitment to regular sessions increases strength, builds muscle, and raises endurance. You get better results with a regimen that is personalized and assisted by the best fitness coaches. Our team includes some of Sioux Falls’ highest quality instructors, dedicated to meeting you where you are and getting you to that next level. We also believe in the power of the group. You get better results by committing to a community of hard-working people who help one another achieve more and have more fun in the process. You only need to experience the camaraderie at CrossFit PhosWest to understand its power.


We are Sioux Falls’ premier CrossFit community, and we are dedicated to tested and proven strength and conditioning principles of high-intensity workouts over a range of movements. Our encouraging, first-rate coaches and friendly, committed members believe in the power of a community to inspire the best in the individual. Our coaches pride themselves on their skill, experience, and encouragement; our members enjoy the power of accountability and friendly competition. We all have a heck of a lot of fun. Our team works together to provide first-rate coaching, a friendly, hard-working environment, and the programs you need to look and feel your best. At CrossFit PhosWest you will learn to move better, feel better, and live better.

We are CrossFit Phos.

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