Danae has been a pleasure to get to know since she started coming to the gym a few months ago. She started in the barless boot camp so she could “get fitter before she started CrossFit”. She has become an integral part of our evening classes, and an inspiration, to both her kids and the members of the gym. She has lost 17lbs since starting her CrossFit journey back in January and has now switched over to doing our regular class. She works super hard every class to get better and stronger to be a good example to her family of girls, that mom can be strong too. She even recently got the kip figured out, which will help her a lot in her goal of getting an unassisted pull-up. Keep up the good work Danae, we can’t wait to see where you go from here.


Megan is a wife and a mother, and she thinks that Crossfit makes her a better wife and mother because it keeps both her mind and body healthy so she can take care of the ones she loves the most for as long as she can. She believes that FAF has made and continues to make her stronger than she ever thought she could be.  To her, it’s a part of her family’s life style because she and her husband make it a priority. It not only makes them stronger as individuals, but it makes their relationship stronger.

Her biggest CrossFit accomplishment was her being able to workout through her entire pregnancy- literally up until week 39!



Joey grew up in Vermilion and moved to Sioux Falls to attend SouthEast Tech. Joey started out with a short term goal of building strength back​ in March of 2015 and his biggest accomplishment yet is squatting over 200lbs! Joey is an auto tech so sometimes he has to lift or push or pull on stuff that doesn’t want to move. He believes that the level of flexibility and mobility he has achieved makes a huge difference with his work.


Vincent played football in high school and then for 22 years ran a mile on every Sunday, thinking he was killing it. He started CrossFit in June 2015, and enjoys the tight knit community and the small class size. He aims to be able to do handstand walks and butterfly pull-ups and eventually go for competitions. Vincent says that he feels better at 44 than he did at 25. He’s a diesel truck mechanic and everything on a truck is heavy. And you flip A LOT of tires. So CrossFit has improved every aspect of his job.

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